3 Best Ways to Use Personalised Condom Wrappers

We find there are many different ways that our clients like to use their personalised condom wrappers. We’ve specified wrappers, just to avoid any unwanted confusion! This isn’t that kind of guide…

1. Hand out freebies at your event

Firstly, probably the most popular use, is as a freebie. A custom printed condom with your company logo on is far more memorable than the promotional freebies – pens, stickers and so on. Nobody is going to go back to work from an exhibition or back to their student flat from a fair saying “Hey, look at this pen X company gave me today!”. A condom, though? That’s a whole different story. Personalised Condoms at an Exhibition

2. Use them as a business card

This one is even more unconventional. But just imagine it! Our custom condom creator allows plenty of room to add a few personal details alongside a logo. Anyone you hand a condom business card to will be talking about your business card for years to come. Guaranteed!

3. In a goody bag

If you’re organising an event for your business and you’re creating a goody bag to give to clients or employees, a condom can be a perfect addition. Similarly, if you’re organising a stag or hen do then a condom can make a great funny hand out. What uses have you had success with in the past?

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