Are condoms vegan?

Few people know it, but many condom brands are not vegan friendly. Manufacturers often use a milk protein, known as ‘casein’, to make the latex softer. However over the last few years, numerous condom brands have hit the market that do not use any animal products.

Before we get stuck into it, it’s worth noting that the condoms we sell here on Custom Condoms are indeed vegan friendly and free of casein or any other animal products.

Veganism is on rise in a big way, just take a look at the chart below, which shows how ‘vegan’ related searches on Google have increased since 2004.

Vegan Searches

Awareness of vegan condoms is growing, too – in line with this trend. As mentioned, the latex in many traditional condoms contains casein, an animal protein derived from cow’s milk. New brands such as Glyde and LELO have emerged, specifically designed to cater to the vegan market.

Looking for vegan condoms that you can buy online right away? Take a look at some of our favourite options.

Are condoms tested on animals?

Obviously any condoms that contain the animal protein casein will be a no-go for vegans. But there’s another factor to consider too, as some condoms are tested on animals.

Not like that. 

Because condoms are classed as a medical device, they require rigorous testing to meet all necessary legal specifications. In some cases, condoms are animal tested to ensure they meet the requirements.


Whilst many condoms cannot be considered vegan-friendly, today there are many suitable condom options for vegans. Vegan condoms have 100% plant-based ingredients in them – they contain no animal products and are completely cruelty-free.

Vegan condoms are able to be just as effective and comfortable as traditional condoms, so why not make the switch now?

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