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What happens if condoms expire?

Let’s dive into a question that might have crossed your mind but seemed too awkward [...]

Top 10 Secret Santa Gifts for 2022

Whether you’re looking for a good secret Santa gift or looking for inspiration for your [...]

Creative ways to promote your business

Here at Custom Condoms we are all about being creative and we provide a unique [...]

Are condoms vegan?

Few people know it, but many condom brands are not vegan friendly. Manufacturers often use [...]

Starting a Custom Label Condom Brand

Ever thought about starting your own custom label condom brand? It’s easier than you think! [...]


How are custom made condoms manufactured?

We’re often asked about how the manufacturing process works for our condoms. Technically, a condom [...]

How cheap is it to make personalised condoms?

One question we often get asked, is how cheap really is it to make your [...]

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