How cheap is it to make personalised condoms?

One question we often get asked, is how cheap really is it to make your own personalised condoms?

In truth, “personalised” can be a little ambiguous, so it really depends what you mean!

Getting a personalised design printed onto a condom packet

If you are just looking to print your own design, such as your company logo or a picture of your mate’s face, onto a condom packet, then you’ll be pleased to know it costs next to nothing!

Here at Custom Condoms, our custom packet designs can cost as little as £0.25 per piece! If you are looking to order the minimum order quantity, which is 6 pieces, then the cost is still only £2.25 a piece, making your minimum spend £13.50. Not bad when you consider we offer free delivery, too!

No… I want a personalised condom

If you actually mean you are looking to get a condom that is personalised to you, then that’s a whole different story.

We offer My.Size condoms, which are custom fit condoms available in 7 different sizes so you can find a fit that is comfortable – not too loose and not too tight. A 10 pack of these personalised condoms will set you back just £9.99, so there’s bargains to be had all round!

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