Using Condoms as a Promotional Tool

We find it often turns a few heads when we tell people we work in Condom Marketing. The usual response is a mixture of actual laughter and general disbelief.

But that’s often exactly the point! 

There’s no denying that getting condoms printed with your logo on the packet isn’t exactly a standard by-the-book marketing tool, but the people that do their marketing by-the-book are probably the same people that still send out a company newsletter once a month with updates on which employee just got married and who’s been promoted to the new Sales Manager. (Sorry, nobody cares!)

Personalised Condoms Aren’t Forgotten

Many customers have come back to us to tell us about the success they’ve had with their branded condoms. And quite often they’re telling us their customers haven’t forgotten either.

It sticks in people’s minds as it’s pretty out of the ordinary, but it also promotes safe sex!

Not just for business!

Custom condoms aren’t just for businesses, which is why we offer a minimum order quantity of just 4 (with no set up fees!).

We find customised condoms are also a very popular funny gift for in-jokes between friends or for small events such as birthdays and stag dos. In fact, we get so many customers buying for stag dos that we’ve just launched a specific custom Stag Do Condom product!

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