Starting a Custom Label Condom Brand

Ever thought about starting your own custom label condom brand? It’s easier than you think!

Take it from us, the condom industry is a great business to be in. Whatever your angle, you’ll be promoting safe sex – preventing the spread of STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

First things first, though, you need to figure out what your unique selling point is going to be. There are tonnes of different brands available these days, so how are you going to differentiate? We believe it’s best to start with your target market and work your way back from there.

Once you’ve got a solid plan in mind, just follow the simple steps below to launch your very own custom label condom brand!

Logo Condoms

Step 1: Find a Manufacturer

Firstly, you’ll need to find a condom manufacturer. This can be particularly tricky when you’re just getting started, as manufacturers will only want to work with companies looking to order thousands at a time, especially if you are hoping to white label the condom packets.

Full disclaimer – we’re a little biased here. But we’d recommend finding a company that specialises in printing custom condoms (like ourselves!). That way you can get your brand printed onto the packets without needing to invest thousands of pounds.

Step 2: Design Your Logo

The next step will be to design a logo for new condom brand. This part is hugely important – you want something that is instantly recognisable and will look great printed onto your custom label condoms.

If design is your strong point then you’ll have no problem whipping something up on Adobe Illustrator. If you need a hand though, try looking for graphic designers on to find great freelancers that can help you out.

Step 3: Order Samples

Time to see what your fancy new design looks like on a custom printed condom packet! Here at Custom Condoms our minimum order quantity is just 6 pieces, so unless you want to purchase more and access the lower cost per condom, you won’t need to spend much.

This is essential for getting some good product photography, which will be absolutely vital when you’re building a website for your new company.

Step 4: Launch a Website

Things can start getting complicated here, but as long as you pick a path forward that suits your situation, you should be just fine. Before you get to work on a website, you need to pick a platform. We’ve run through a few of the most popular platforms that have ecommerce functionality.

Shopify – Great for Beginners

If you’re new to creating websites, your best option is probably going to be Shopify. Shopify have a very user friendly setup, so you’ll be able to get a great looking site up and running in a matter of hours.

Another strong option that’s great for beginners is BigCommerce.

WordPress with WooCommerce

If you’re a little more comfortable building sites, we’d thoroughly recommend using WordPress and the WooCommerce extension. It’s a little more hands on than Shopify and not quite as simple to set up, but the opportunities for customisation are huge!

Magento – Powerful for Advanced Developers

If you’re a seasoned developer, or have a team behind you with experience, Magento may be the best option if you want maximum flexibility. But if you’re a seasoned developer you probably don’t need to be reading this…

Whichever platform you go for, build a website that showcases your brand using your shiny product photography of your printed samples.

Step 5: Start Marketing!

This is where the fun really begins. You’ve got your custom label condoms and you’re ready to launch. But where to begin? This really depends on your overall strategy and what your goals are. A couple of good starting points:

Custom Condom Range

Reach out to potential retailers

Get in touch with businesses that may be interested in stocking your white label condoms. It may be easier to start local and expand as your brand builds.

Create a social media strategy

Another good option is creating a solid social media strategy. This can work great if you are hoping to go direct to consumers and sell through your website. Advertising on Google, Instagram and Facebook would be the best place to start for quick wins!

Over to you!

It’s up to you where you go from here. If you’re thinking about starting a condom brand and would like more advice, get in touch – a member of our team will be more than happy to help.

3 thoughts on “Starting a Custom Label Condom Brand

  1. Koray says:

    I am almost interested in starting my own condom business. I need help tho, my girlfriend wants her face as the logo but i don’t agree with it. HELP.

  2. Ntando says:

    I am willing to start my own custom label condom brand however I am not a business which I think it would be hard to find a supplier or manufacture,I do not think they will take me seriously without having a business.

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