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Starting a Custom Label Condom Brand

Ever thought about starting your own custom label condom brand? It’s easier than you think! Take it from us, the condom industry is a great business to be in. Whatever your angle, you’ll be promoting safe sex – preventing the spread of STIs and unwanted pregnancies. First things first, though, you need to figure out […]

How are custom made condoms manufactured?

We’re often asked about how the manufacturing process works for our condoms. Technically, a condom is a medical device, so it’s extremely important that all regulations and legal requirements are adhered to so that the end result is fully functioning and safe to use. For this reason, it’s best to stick with the experts. That’s […]

3 Best Ways to Use Personalised Condom Wrappers

We find there are many different ways that our clients like to use their personalised condom wrappers. We’ve specified wrappers, just to avoid any unwanted confusion! This isn’t that kind of guide… 1. Hand out freebies at your event Firstly, probably the most popular use, is as a freebie. A custom printed condom with your company logo on […]