Blank Collective: The Body Modification Studio using Custom Condoms

This week for our Customer Spotlight, we sat down with Lana Sophia of Blank Collective, to find out a little more about how this body modification studio in South East London uses our custom branded condoms to promote their business.

Founded in 2022 by Lana and her business partner Loz, Blank Collective is an award winning, high-end studio, providing both tattooing and tooth jewellery via Crystal Canine.

From Flipping Burgers to Inking Art

Lana and Loz met whilst working at a burger restaurant in their late teens. Lana told us “As we furthered our careers we always discussed what it would be like if we opened our own studio. Until one day we had our ‘fuck it!’ moment”.

Lana’s specialty is teeth gems. “My entire job is making people smile! It’s so rewarding that people leave absolutely beaming.”

What’s striking about the Blank Collective studio, is the space itself. “It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen, huge and bright with a clean industrial feel,” Lana tells us. “A safe space for those getting a tattoo or tooth gem!”

Custom Branded Condoms as a Freebie

Blank Collective offer lots of freebies to heighten the experience of their clients. From their pick ‘n’ mix coffee station through to the free hygiene products in the bathrooms – including Blank Collective condoms.

“People always leave smiling thinking they’ve done something naughty taking one of our condoms.”

Not only that, they also use the condoms as a promo tool at events and conventions. Lana describes them as a “great marketing tool” and says, “People are bound to take a photo!” We couldn’t agree more!

What does the future hold?

As Blank Collective reaches its first birthday, Lana says the bigger picture plans are to expand worldwide – from London to Manchester, to New York and beyond!

We can’t wait to follow along!


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