Andy Twyman: Blending Soulful Blues with Comedy, Cabaret

As part of our Customer Spotlight series, we had a chat with one-man-band performer Andy Twyman. Andy captivates audiences across the UK with his remarkable blend of soulful blues, racuous boogie, comedy, cabaret… and rock ‘n’ roll. We delved into Andy’s journey, influences, and of course how he’s incorporated custom branded condoms into his act.

Discovering His Unique Musical Style

From a young age, Andy found himself drawn to the world of music. Performing at pubs and clubs since the tender age of twelve, he developed a deep admiration for blues legends like BB King, Muddy Waters, and Robert Johnson. As he grew older, his surreal sense of humor began to weave its way into his performances. Inspired by the comedic genius of Monty Python, Andy’s one man band act organically evolved into a fusion of blues and comedy, creating a truly distinctive musical style.

Custom Condoms as Merch

At his gigs, Andy offers his Custom Condoms as part of his merchandise. With a repertoire of comedy songs, some of which venture into naughtier territories, the idea of incorporating Custom Condoms into his merch box was a stroke of brilliance. “I saw a custom condom for a non-musical business, and immediately knew it would be the perfect merch for me”, Andy told us.

When Andy announces the availability of Custom Condoms at his merch stall, it never fails to elicit a positive reaction. Described by many as a “genius idea”, they always get some laughs.

Career Highlights: A Naked Noël

Andy’s career has been dotted with remarkable achievements and some very memorable moments. He’s performed multiple times at the prestigious Glastonbury Festival (including this year), but perhaps one of his proudest moments was releasing the first-ever naked Christmas music video for his song ‘A Naked Noël.’

The video, showcased on Channel 4 on Christmas Eve, and garnered attention from publications such as The Mail, The Mirror, and The Sun, with The Mirror declaring it “the best Christmas Music Video ever.

What’s Next for Andy Twyman?

Andy shows no signs of slowing down. He continues to take his captivating act to venues far and wide, never failing to leave audiences in awe. Looking ahead, Andy is brimming with excitement as he plans to release a new album in early 2024. The songs are a testament to his creativity, and he eagerly anticipates sharing them with the world. Keep an eye out for this upcoming masterpiece!

Andy stands as a testament to the power of blending musical genres and embracing one’s unique talents… His soulful blues, infused with humor and showmanship, create an electrifying experience for his audiences. With Custom Condoms adding an extra touch of wit and amusement to his shows, Andy continues to push boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the music and entertainment scene. Stay tuned for the release of his forthcoming album, and make sure to catch Andy Twyman in action at a venue near you.

Check out more of his songs on his SoundCloud.

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