How are custom made condoms manufactured?

We’re often asked about how the manufacturing process works for our condoms. Technically, a condom is a medical device, so it’s extremely important that all regulations and legal requirements are adhered to so that the end result is fully functioning and safe to use.

For this reason, it’s best to stick with the experts. That’s why we outsource this part of the process to a companies that specialise in the actual manufacturing. We buy our plain condoms in, in bulk, ready for the exciting part: customisation.

Meeting condom safety standards

Every condom we use has the European CE safety mark, indicating its conformity with health, safety and environmental protection standards. As we ship worldwide, they are all also FDA approved, SABS approved and meet international ISO standards.

The condoms are also electronically tested! No, not like that…

Here’s a video that shows how the full manufacturing and testing process works – it’s pretty interesting!

Printing onto the condoms

For us, this is where the fun begins! We use a very high-tech printer to safely print directly onto the condom packets, without any risk of damage. Obviously the surface of the packet isn’t flat or smooth like a piece of paper or card, but this incredible bit of kit can print onto them without getting distorted. On top of this, it can print pretty much any colour you could think up.

Printed Condoms

This is how we’re able to provide such high quality custom condoms without actually manufacturing them in-house.

Manufacture your own custom made condoms

Our online tool enables users to easily upload images, such as a company logo or pre-prepared design, and text. The preview helps you visualise what your design will look like on a condom.

Condom Designer Tool
Our condom designer tool.

The tool then facilitates placing an order online of your very own custom made condom. Economies of scale mean you can access very low costs for larger orders, but our minimum order quantity is just 6 pieces.

Final Step: Begin promoting your brand, organisation or message

Once you receive your new custom made condoms, it’s time to start promoting! A common use is to hand them out as a promotional freebie at exhibitions and events. We’ve also seen them put in vending machines, sold at political party conferences and used as a welcome gift for new customers.

Nigel Farage condoms were on sale at the UKIP Conference

However you feel about the condoms above, they certainly showed the power of condom marketing as they quickly went viral and got conversations going…

Regardless of how you choose to use your custom made condoms, you can sleep happy, knowing that wherever they end up, they look great and are safe to use.

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